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Eliminate yield losses, lost calibration and warranty abuse easily and accurately

ShockWatch™ products provide the peace of mind that comes when reducing damage to products during shipping and handling. By using ShockWatchâ„¢ warning labels, impact indicators and recorders, tilt indicators and recorders, environmental indicators and environmental recorders, you can now measure what is happening to your product in the shipping process.

Impact Indicators

Environmental Indicators

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Impact Monitoring: Taking Away the Shock of Product Damage Due to Mishandling You just purchased that item you have been wanting forever, finally pulling the trigger to get that special product you have been dying to have. You get a notification that today is the day your package arrives at your doorstep. You hear the familiar sound of …

Read full article » Jul 30, 2020

How ShockWatch Indicators Keep Your Supply Chain Accountable  While you know the ins and outs of your products supply chain, you cant keep track of every single movement that occurs throughout the process.As your packages move from your warehouse and onto the retailer, there are plenty of chances for damage to take place…

Read full article » Mar 02, 2020

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