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The Benefits ofShockWatchImpact Indicators

One of the leading problems for anyone who works in the packaging industry has always been mishandling. Sometimes it occurs due to a careless employee and other times itcomes as aresult of malfunctioning equipment. No matterhow it happens, mishandling can have serious consequences to your packages and products, especially those that areparticularly sensitive or delicate.When something goes wrong during transit, it can be difficult to pinpoint where exactly the damage occurred, but youll still be stuck with the costs of recovery, replacements, and reshipments. Thankfully, there are some convenient and affordable tools that can aid your damage reduction efforts.ShockWatchimpact indicators are an effective way to monitor any shocks or collisions your goods experience during the supply chainprocessand offer a wide variety of benefits.

What areShockWatchImpact Indicators?

five colorful shockwatch indicators on white background ShockWatch Impact Labels
ShockWatchimpact indicators, which you may have also heard referred to asShockWatchstickers or as aShockWatchlabel,are small, tag-like objects that are adhered to your packages before they hit the road, rails, air, or sea on the way toyour customer. There are many different types of damage indicator, but each measuresandrecords when a certain kind of harm occurs to the packages during transit.ShockWatchimpact indicators specifically determine whendestructive shocks or vibrations affect your goods. This allows you as the shipperto precisely track when and how impact damage occurs in order to prevent it from taking place again in the future.

TheShockWatchImpact Indicator Advantage

When you implementShockWatchimpact indicatorsinto your packaging process, youll quickly discover the many advantages they offer. Here are just a few things you can expect:
  • Clear evidenceof mishandling that ensures accountability
  • Quality assurance through every step of the supply chain
  • Reduced product damage and loss during both transit and storage
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved production yield
  • Cost savings
And the best part?ShockWatchimpact indicators dont require you to make any changes to your packaging, your products, or your shipping methods. Simply stick them onto your packaging and youre good to go without any redesigns that necessitate huge cost investments.

Examples of Impact Indicators

With a comprehensive understanding of howShockWatchimpact indicators can help you and your business, its necessary to know the different types available to you. There are a number of options that can drastically improve your shipping process, which is why were taking a moment to go over the most popular types of impact indicators. ShockWatch Impact Labels:ShockWatchimpact indicators are specially designed for products of all shapes and sizes. Youll find that they are especially helpful for your fragile or calibrated goods, as they help you determine exactly when and where damage occurred during the supply chain. These versatile devicesgive you the opportunity to recover any damage costs and ensure the accountability you need for your valuables. They come in a variety of colorsandwork on products from 0 1,000 lbs.These impact indicatorswill clearly display a red dot on the sticker itself if mishandling occurs, notifyingthereceiver to inspect the package right away.
shockwatch mag 2000 impact indicator ShockWatch MAG 2000
ShockWatch MAG 2000:TheShockWatchMAG 2000 is a capable impact indicator that is designed for your larger shipments generally, those weighing at least 100 lbs.The MAG 2000 shows clear proof as soon as an impact takes place, even going so far as todisplaythe actual angle of that impact. When using this handy device, youll get a key to unlock a helpful reset feature so that it can be reused. The locking function also means that theShockWatchMAG 2000 is fully tamper proof.So how exactly does this damage indicator work? It contains magnets within the device that are triggered when an impact, shock, or vibration takes place and disrupts the magneticattraction, moving the magnet from its original position to a new spot where you can see it.

Industries That Can Benefit fromShockWatchImpact Indicators

Industries far and wide can all take advantage of the many benefits thatShockWatchimpact indicators have to offer. The following is a short list of some of the businesses that will likely see significantgains, though this is just a brief sample:
  • Automotive
  • Appliances & Electronics
  • Military & Defense
  • Furniture
  • Glasswork
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Technology

ShockWatchImpact Indicators for Every Business

No matter what services or goods your business provides, you can benefit from the aid ofShockWatchimpact indicators. By recording and signifying when shocks or vibrations occur during transit and storage, they allow you to hold your entire supply chain accountable.Their very presence alonedetersmishandling from package caretakers and demonstratesyour commitment to quality to your customers. If youre seeking a simple, affordable, and effective method for cost savings and damage reductions, look no further thanShockWatchimpact indicators.

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